Balloon Bouquets
To place an order....just call 816-405-7704
Balloons can add the perfect touch to any event.  Just share with us your theme and color of choice.   We'll create a special arrangement tailor made for your celebration.

Get well
Love You
I'm Sorry
Happy Birthday Bouquets
 Come in an extensive selection and can incorporate any theme.  From little girl dreams to sports, a wide range of ideas can be created. Balloons add to the party.
Starting at $22.95
Happy Grad Balloons
Let our blazing yellow crier announce your special event.  A bouquet of brightly floating globes drift freely above a brightly colored candy display.  Brings a lot of attention to a very special moment.

Balloons make people happy!

Free Spirit
     Large 16" collared balloons make an impressive showing and can be added to any arrangement.